Common asked questions for postdoctoral jobs

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Post-doc jobs are very important for those who are pursuing their Ph.D. degree.

They are also known as post-graduate research fellowships or post-doctoral fellowships. These positions are offered by universities and colleges to researchers who are working towards completing their doctorate degrees.

Post-docs work under the supervision of professors and they carry out research projects. The duration of these posts varies from one year to three years. There are various benefits associated with these posts such as salary, accommodation, health insurance, etc.

There are plenty of frequently asked questions when it comes to searching for a post-doctoral job. Usually, the common questions can be summarized with the ones below:

What are the qualifications required for getting a post-doctoral position?

A candidate should possess at least a master’s degree in any field. He/she should also have completed his/her doctoral studies successfully. A candidate needs to submit a CV along with a cover letter stating why he/she wants to apply for the post-doctoral position.

How does one find a suitable post-doctoral position?

One can search for a suitable post-doctoral job through online sources like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, etc. One can also contact the head of the department where he/she has studied.

What are the responsibilities of a post-doctoral researcher?

He/She is expected to conduct research activities independently. He/She should also prepare reports and present them before the faculty members.

What are the advantages of being a post-doctoral researcher over a regular employee?

A post-doctoral researcher gets paid higher than a regular employee. He/She also receive additional benefits such as accommodation, medical insurance, etc.

Is there any age limit for applying for a post-doctoral position or is it open to everyone? Yes, anyone can apply for a post-doctoral fellowship. However, the applicant should be between 25 and 40 years old.

What are the steps involved in applying for a post-doc position?

First, the applicant needs to fill out the application form provided by the university or college. Then, he/she needs to send a copy of his/her resume along 

What do professors look for when hiring postdocs?

Most importantly, professors are looking for postdoctoral researchers who should be able to work independently, communicate well with others, and be flexible.

Professors want to hire someone who has a strong background in their field, and they also want to know that the candidate is eager to learn new things.

Can anyone get admitted for a postdoctoral if he or she doesn’t have any experience in that particular field?

Yes, anyone can apply for a postdoctoral position, although some fields require specific qualifications. Postdocs are highly sought after by universities and research institutions because they bring fresh ideas into the academic community, while also contributing to the development of new technologies.